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Backups / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Good and frequent Backups of your companies data and servers is a critically important buisness obligation. Kumatech helps businesses with planning and deploying backup solutions including the "best of breed" technology solutions for your budget. Options include instant recovery, replication (virtual machine or SAN-to-SAN), on premise high speed recovery options, and optional cloud disaster recovery including 1 year or more of data versions.
We also deploy solutions for Email retention for corporate policy or legal compliancy

  • Absent an effective continuity and recovery plan, 90 percent of companies that experience a serious disaster close within five years.
  • For every day of down time, you can lose a full point of market share which takes three years to win back.
  • 50 percent of companies that lose their critical systems for over 10 days never fully recover.
Lost Revenues
If the average "Non-Virtualized/Cloud" disaster recovery solution takes 10 business days to get you fully back up and running, how much does that represent in Lost Revenues? (Dollar Value of Average daily Orders x 10 Days and beyond if your clients move to a competitor while you’re out of commission)

Loss of Worker Productivity
If the average "Non-Virtualized/Cloud" disaster recovery solution takes 10 business days to get you back up and running, how much does that represent in Lost Employee Productivity? (Number of employees x average daily wage x 10 days)

Deteriorations in Customer Satisfaction
If your customers can’t reach you for 10 days, or you can’t answer your clients’ requests for 10 days, how much less satisfied would they be? What percentage of your clients might you lose forever? How much would that represent in current and future lost revenues?

Damage to your Company’s Brand and Image
No company wants the world and more importantly, their clients to think they have disappeared or shutdown. Being down for 10 or more days in the event of a localized disaster would give that impression. How much is your company’s reputation worth?


Virtualization and Cloud Computing have made it affordable to implement effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans. What used to cost Millions to Implement and maintain up to just 5 years ago, can now be accomplished for a tiny fraction of the cost. The average 5 Year investment for transitioning a 5-10 Server environment to a fully Virtualized IT Infrastructure is $200,000 - $300,000 with full Management and Maintenance. This also includes Offsite/Cloud Business Continuity Replication so that should your place of business explode (with no-one in it hopefully), all users can connect to the Cloud Replicated Server Infrastructure from home over the internet; and access all their data, applications, email, etc. current up to a few minutes before the disaster. How much is that worth?


  • High Availability (HA) of your Server Infrastructure against hardware failures, malfunctions, maintenance outages, and any other forms of the dreaded "Down-Time".
  • Robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) in the event of a disaster or major disruption (Planned or Otherwise).
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Maintenance and Management of your IT Infrastructure.
  • Near-Instant Return on Investment (ROI) with the first disaster or major disruption.
  • 50%-90% Lower Energy Costs. (KWh = $)
  • 50%-90% Less usage of valuable space. (SQFT = $)
  • Up to a 15% savings on "Business Interruption Insurance". These savings are growing as more statistics are becoming available.

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