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If you agree that "the best can always get better" and "everyone can use a little help occasionally", we would like to talk to you about how support from Kumatech enables IT departments to operate more cost-effectively, efficiently, and proactively.
Let Kumatech supplement your teams efforts by performing a variety of tasks that will simplify routine processes and allow them to be more efficient and effective caretakers of your network. Kumatech can:

  • Monitor your equipment 24/7: Take advantage of business-critical, high-availability Microsoft Hosting Solutions from Kumatech’s fault-tolerant world-class data center.
  • Keep projects on track: Prevent major IT projects from sidetracking daily network management and help desk support activities. Whether you’re installing a new server or implementing a new technology, let Kumatech help you meet deadlines without sacrificing day-to-day IT support demands.
  • Troubleshooting deep-rooted issues: There’s strength in numbers.When your IT staff members run up against a brick wall of a problem, call on our engineering team to work through the issue and get you moving again.
    Today, calling on the IT department for assistance is a regular occurrence in just about any organization that has one. Now these IT teams themselves have a name they can call for support, Kumatech!

    Consulting Service: Put Kumatech’s Experience to Work

    It helps to have a team of experts with whom your IT professionals can discuss big plans and innovative ideas. Through our consulting service, we can assist your team in developing solutions, differentiating between the probable, the possible, and the impractical, and keeping ROI in line with expectations. Your network administrator need only identify the end goal, and we can help determine the best way to reach it.

    Your IT professionals will find they can accomplish a lot more, and do it all much more effciently with Kumatech on the team.

    Emergency and Project Services for IT Companies.

    We assist IT Companies and consultants by extending their client services;
  • On site or remote emergency support for scenarios where the complexity of the problem requires advanced expertise outside the scope of their expertise.
  • Project planning and deployments outside the scope of their expertise
  • Best practice security and network solutions for beyond level 3 scenarios including, highly sensitive or demanding requirements.
  • Any scenario where the best and more comprehensive approach is needed to ensure seamless transitions and zero downtime.

  • Kumatech always delivers on our promise that we will succeed where others have failed before. Many of our projects include planning and deployment projects and resolving issues where all others have failed before.

    We work transparently and with your best interest in mind. We share solutions details and offer advisory support to anyone who needs it.

    Our clients have included Internet Service Providers, Data Hosting Centers, IT Consultants, and peer IT companies.

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