Critical Server and network infrastructure high availability requires redundant equipment. Before the industry adoption of virtualization technology for production networks, Kumatech would help large organizations with “hot site” physical infrastructure solutions to restore critical data in the event of a catastrophe.
Very few businesses could afford the large on-going capital investment required to support such insurances. Costs included reassessing and testing the solutions viability on a continuous basis, That was then!

Today the hardware needed to achieve a highly available network infrastructure is affordable to everyone. For example, using deduplication, change block tracking and VSS technology, we can provide complete server redundancy for shockingly little additional expense vs. the cost of as single server deployment.
At Kumatech we are virtualization experts who work with VMware and HyperV network infrastructures 365 days a year. Today, scalable options include hot standby servers and hardware clusters.
If your application server or email server cannot ever go down, then you need high availability. Options include data synchronized up to just a few minutes before a major outage and includes Oracle, SQL, Exchange server and most popular and commonly deployed operating systems and applications.

Email or give us a call to discuss your high availability requirements. We can also include a live lab demonstration of this technology in action using real live servers.