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Kumatech Managed IT Services

Proactive Server Management & Security for One Low Monthly Fee

Reduce IT Costs with Kumatech Managed IT Services

Modern reality: you can’t effectively conduct business without a fully operational IT network. And, of course, there are a lot of components to securely maintain in such systems. At any given moment, any hardware, application or access portal could be critical to getting the day’s work completed. You don’t have the luxury of ignoring a problem.
But at the same time, you are not in business to serve your IT systems. Instead, your information technology should be serving you. Kumatech Managed IT restores the proper order of things. You will be able to concentrate on what you are in business to do.

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Why Outsource?

Studies show that for smaller businesses, it is more cost effective to outsource IT than hire a full-time person. If systems are running as they should, you could end up paying a technician for idle time. Or if multiple problems arise, they could end up with too much work to handle in a timely manner, regardless of how skilled (and expensive) that person is. With Kumatech Managed IT, you are not susceptible to the food or famine scenario that constricts productivity and hurts profits.

Support for Workstations and Servers

From the desktop computers at your employees fingertips, to the servers that are the central nervous system of your entire business, Kumatech offers plans at different service levels to best suit your requirements… as well as your budget. We offer technical support, monitoring, maintenance, and managed security all in convenient packages.

In addition to superior support levels, Kumatech Managed IT Services provide strategic advancement for your company’s entire network and computers. Let us be your complete outsourced IT department. We will take care of every detail of your technology needs.


Our plans see that all servers and workstations are functioning properly, protected, and secure against technology threats and disasters.



  • Flexible plans to fit your budget
  • Bundled options to meet your needs




  • System audit/asset management
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Customer portal case management
  • Patch management
  • Proactive maintenance




  • Remote support for servers and workstations
  • Onsite support for servers and workstations
  • Remote support for mobile devices and tablets
  • Onsite support for mobile devices and tablets




  • Firewall administration
  • Anti-virus subscription/software
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Web Filtering to block time wasters and security risks


All Kumatech Managed Services clients additionally receive the following services regardless of their commitment

A True Partner committed to your success

    • We help our clients by providing invaluable advice regarding technology options and advancements which can help with core initiatives and marketing, IT budgeting, project planning, server room design and power requirements. We live and breathe IT, it’s what we’ve been doing every day for more than 30 years. Take advantage of this depth of knowledge and seasoned professional advice. Include us in your strategy meetings as source experts who know IT from the inside out. We do not charge extra for our advice and strategy consultations.


VCIO Services

    • In today’s changing business landscape, taking advantage of every modern consumer driver is essential to survival. IT strategic initiatives are disrupting established business models every day. For example, the largest retailer in the world is a web site (amazon), if established retail store chains do not match the consumer demands that amazon offers they will fail.


    • How does this affect your business?


    • Can you use modern technology to add value added services to your business to attract and keep new clients or make your business processes easier in the distribution chain? We are technology source experts and seasoned business owners ourselves! Let’s talk about how modern technology can help with your important business initiatives. We offer transparent honest and professional advice in full consideration of your budget. We are technology geeks but talk to you in business language not geek speak.

Continuous Reassessment of your Network Status.

    • We regularly re-asses the status of your network and meet with you to discuss the reports and their details. We do this either quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on the commitment level, etc. Reporting also includes change status tracing. This can be very useful to verify the completion of scheduled work, including security patching status, software inventory and version numbers and changes.


  • Hardware and Software Assets Inventory including physical changes to server and workstation inventory, as well change reporting
  • Licensing Management: We will make sure important renewals and warrantees are maintained for critical components
  • Regular network audit reports to measure changes and the health status of critical components, including change reporting
  • Security reporting on the status (including critical patching) of servers and workstations
  • Current Firewall Security Status of the open doors into and out of your network
  • Managed Web Filtering effectiveness and status
  • Server and Workstation Monitoring Alerting when issues arise
  • Exchange Server Health and configuration Status
  • SQL Server Health and configuration Status
  • Third party renewals and warrantee management and alerting

All Managed Services clients also receive reduced rates for on-site and remote support