Replication / Site Redundancy 

Kumatech offers and supports solutions for high availability and redundancy for servers, applications, firewalls, internet connection (in and outbound), Site to Site VPN links, and all affordable to the small business market! Ask us how!

Multiple ISP Connections/ Internet -Link Aggregation

Many clients maintain bonded T1 connections to ensure their Voice communications rely on a solid Quality of Service (QOS) backed low latency connection. We save clients money by breaking the reliance on this expensive and relatively slow connectivity. We do this by aggregating cheaper yet faster DSL, Cable or other internet connections for outbound and inbound traffic while maintaining voice communications on the primary link of their choice. This typically results in 5,10 or 20 times faster internet and highly available inbound and outbound connections including Site VPN links while reducing monthly ISP costs associated with bonded services.

Server Replication & Redundancy:

Replication comes in many flavors and forms. As Internet becomes faster and more reliable, achieving near continuous replication using standard server hardware and network infrastructures becomes possible. Let us show you through a live demo how it works with real production servers including Exchange server. We offer manageable, inexpensive solutions that continuously replicate your critical infrastructure to other servers and hosts in-house or offsite in private or public cloud facilities, or at your own branch offices.